Saturday, December 8, 2012

Garage Has Power Again

On Friday my friend and co-worker the Master Electrician finished the work in Kiotee Garage to get a new and safe 50 AMP circuit wired up.  Since that was at the end of the day I decided that today would be good for getting back to working with the TIG welder.  However Montana weather being what it is and this being December it started snowing and now it is about 20F (6.6C) outside and of course the garage, still heat less, is not very conducive to any work.

So then a hot cup of coffee in hand and nothing to occupy my hands and mind I started looking over the current flyer for the MidAmerican Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction. This all happens on January 10, 11 and 12.

Just in case anybody has some spare cash and they feel very philanthropic and supportive towards Kiotee Garage here are my support requirements;

This is the Vincent Black Lightning as built by Jeff Decker.  His bike gets ridden fairly regularly and for being a Vincent is just Most Excellent; not only for the look but also in performance and execution of the build.  For this bike I would over look the fact it’s a twin.

Next up on the list for support requirements is a 34 Crocker.  Not one of those over weight and over cylindered v-twins but a sexy, sleek single.  The only problem is that it has not been run in 50 years.  But being the wanker I am I would pull the engine, store the remains and build a complete new Overlander around it.  And then run the crap out of it.


After my first two choices the last on my support list may be looked at as odd.  A, purported, 1948 Norton Manx TT racer.  Yes it’s scruffy as hell but is claimed to run fine.  I would do enough cleaning to make her reliable and safe and then ride, ride, ride.  Well I would have to put the bare minimum of lights on to get her licensed and tagged but I’m sure I could do that without distracting from her natural beauty.

But all in all if you philanthropist really don’t feel like sending me all three then, believe it or not, just send me the Norton.
Yes I agree I’m odd but you know I have fun.

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