Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fun with Frames

Here is another take on the back bone/spar frame.  These two builds from Jared Johnson of Holiday Custom Moto in Portland, Oregon have influences from Japan and Chicago.  The combination of the Yamaha factory spine frame and Schwinn cantilever frame make for an interesting hardtail.  There also maybe a bit of a nod to the oil in frame Triumph and BSA frames.  Almost could be considered a mashup of all those design influences.




Go to the following for some interesting footage of the two bikes.

After this bit of surfing I’m looking forward to this next Saturday.  I will have a chance to visit a new friend’s garage and talk over what he’s doing and what I’m doing, should be instructive and enlightening. 

I know he's willing to help provide instruction on use of my lathe.  He turns out to be a trained machinist hailing originally from the UK and Australia.  You never know what casual conversation will turn up.

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