Monday, December 24, 2012

Coincidence Brings Good Fortune

So as a result of off hand remarks by a friend I have meet another off the grid cycle builder similar in vision to myself.  I refer to the builder that had some tube bent up for a Sonic Weld like frame project.  My new found friend hadn’t used the tube and was more than willing to help.  Mostly because he actually had two identical tubes bent and willingly passed on the spare.

Material collected so far for the Overlander frame.

Notional look at what a backbone/spar might look like with the JAP and Norton gear box.  I’m not yet convinced this is the direction to go.  However it seems to have a simplicity that is attractive.

I have read several brief histories of the SonicWeld –TrackMaster frame shop saga.  Here are a few bikes built using one or the other.  I’m sure there are others making new versions of these famous frame designs.

                                         Shinya Kimura at

                                         Shinya Kimura at



SonicWeld from Framecrafters at

TrackMaster from Framecrafters at

When the Overlander project was first conceived I broadly thought that building an interpretation of the vintage TT racers would be what I was after.  However it seems that at times the parts and materials available have changed that original concept.

The sense I have is the build is evolving still and what does remain is the spirit of the privateer racer from years ago.  The spirit of one guy in his garage or shed building a motorcycle which not only suits him but also utilizes the parts and materials available as the build progresses.

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