Saturday, December 8, 2012

Out In The Cold

I got tired of looking at unobtainable cycles and decided I should brave the cold.  So I put the girder fork on the bench and started to get to know it and determine what I needed to do to refurbish things.  So instead of looking like this;

The fork looks like this.  No surprises so far but work to do.  Haven’t planned anything yet just wanted to disassemble things and measure up things for the record and keep on trucking.  At about this point my toes made it clear I had over stayed my welcome out in the cold. 

For me what was revealed was what I wanted; a very simple girder fork with no fancy stuff and in sound condition.  Pretty much got what I wanted.  While it really doesn’t make a difference, in the long run, I still can’t tell the original manufacture or age of this fork.

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