Saturday, July 27, 2013


Well I guess my karma changed, I was just able to score a copy from the UK for a decent price.  So I have added to my technical library a book that everbody says is the best.

Any chance anybody has a spare to requirements copy of Tuning for Speed by the brilliant Phil Irving?  I keep getting sniped on the well know auction site, turn head and spit.

Drop me a note at if you do.

New Tool in the Garage

Lucked on to an Atlas drill press recently.  Nice older Model 1020.  The stand is a bit farm cobble but is sturdy.  Took some time to square it up and wipe it down.  Interesting bit is that at sometime in the past a second triple pulley was placed between the headstock and the motor.  I’m sure the thought was to get more speeds.  However with out some sort of rev counter I’m not sure what speeds it has with the modification.  Nice thing is the entire headstock and bearing got rebuilt and tuned up before the resale.  It also still has the original Atlas motor which can be wired for either 120 AC or 220 AC.  The story I got from the seller was that his friend was just going to take it down and recycle it.  Glad he didn’t.

Still need to get a good vise and was thinking of trying to find a cross slide milling table for some light milling of things.  But for now I have a dill press so I can put the hand drill away. 

Bit of an update.

This bike was ridden in the IOM TT Centenary in 2007 on the original St Johns Course, then displayed at Tynwald along with many other bikes including the original Senior Race winning 1907 Norton-Peugeot.

That bit of info was provided by reader No1Mk3.

Thanks for the info.  Any chance you know who owns the bike?  I would love to be able to talk to them about it and get more and better photos of the details of the bike.  While as you can see I'm not trying to replicate the Brough single I am still very intrigued by it.  Did you happen to see it run and of course how did it sound.  Yep I'm pretty much a geek.  If you don’t have more info do you think the IOM people might respond to a request for information regarding it?  Thanks for taking the time to look at my pages and the verbal wandering.  Any more photo or further info please drop me a note at  I couldn't figure out how to reply to you from the bolg.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dawg Days in the Garage

Well summer has truly hit Montana and the temps are way above anything you would dream of in the deepest heart of winter.

Things have been slow so I decided to take on some garage help.  He sure likes the shop truck I can tell you.

Can’t get much work out of him because he always says he has to run and get parts.