Saturday, August 4, 2012

Front Hub Future.

I have been working on the JAP SV operator controls and have had some success and some failures but nothing dramatic or terminal.  Just a bit time consuming to put time and effort into something and it fails to work as intended.  However I have learned lots regarding the dynamics of hand and foot control mechanicals’.

While day dreaming in between ankle biting projects not related to motorcycles I found a photo of what I want the font hub non-brake side to look like.  Yep, going to drill me some holes to ventilate the brake shoes.

Visitors to the Garage.

Something a bit different at Kiotee Garage.  In the back garden are some sacrificial sunflowers to give all the birds something to eat besides the berries.

Several days ago a pair of American Gold Finch showed up to partake of the seeds on offer.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Things Some People Run Across.

Paul dOrleans,, writes about motorcycles, old and new.  He owns and rides old bikes and no matter where he goes or what he is doing old bikes draw him to them like a magnetic storm.

In all of this the JAP engines seem to always catch his eye and camera lens.  During the recent North American Velocette Owners annual club ride in Arizona Paul snagged these images.  Here then are the latest frames of JAP porn from the travels of The Vintagent!  Thanks Paul!