Monday, November 26, 2012

The Best Laid Plans or How Planning Doesn’t Mean Squat!

My employer is very generous with providing the best tools for the job.  However they are a bit forgetful that some of those tools require an appropriate work area to use them in.  Specifically a tool that involves new skills and keeping those skills up to speed for the job.  The tool in question is a new Miller water cooled 250DX TIG machine.

                                                      The Miller is as big as a frig.

So my boss and co-worker agreed that Kiotee Garage would be a fine place to temporarily house the machine so that he and I both had a shop area for increasing and practices our welding skills.

However once the machine was in place and ready for use I found that despite appearances the electrical service to the garage was only 40 AMPS and not the required 50 AMPS.

My co-worker is also a Master Electrician and when he looked over the power feed to the garage he found a ticking time bomb in my main breaker for the house and garage.  Seems the original builder/owner decided it would be a great idea to feed the 240 to the garage from the transformer side of the feed and not from the main breaker panel. 

Now all of this was identified at the beginning of a week of holiday time I was going to use to practice some welding technique.  No I spent my time off digging up the yard to replace the direct buried cable to the garage.  Then placed conduit and ran a new 50 AMP service.  Then of course a bit of rewiring on the house side to eliminate the time bomb circuit.


                                         The trench required to pull out the direct buried
                                         line and replace with conduit and higher rated

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