Monday, November 12, 2012

Off the Game!

In years past the transition between seasons was looked forward too.  The cooling temperatures, the leaves turning colors, birds flying south and expectations of the first snow provided wonderful sign posts for closing out the year.

However this year the national election sucked all the joy out of this years’ close out.  The election did so by being brutal, stupid, and ugly.  In my opinion it all missed the entire point of what is going on in this country and around the world.

And of course it was hard over the last few months to ignore the election.  It was like a dripping faucet.  Try as you might it couldn’t be fixed, turned off or ignored.  So you just hope to out live it without suffering any major psychic damage.

So the way I tried to do that was to help my son with his Rover projects.  First thing was we stripped a 72 two door Ranger Rover to the bare frame and drive line.  Then we started doing the same to a 4 door Range Rover County LWB.  Mined a bunch of Birmabright for the Overland and recycled a good bit of steel. 

I think the plan is to build a sort of a trialer sort of thing out of the LWB County frame and drive line.  As for the 72 it may very well become a Series flatbed shop truck; would be nice to have a flatbed to transport the JAPs on.

                         The rolling chassis and drive line of the 72 under tarp and snow.

                            The Range Rover LWB County in the process of being stripped.

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