Saturday, October 20, 2012


I have one vision of garage life.  That vision consists of working on my projects and getting things done and bit by bit moving towards the imagined end point of a running TT Privateer.

But real life does not always make that possible.  There are always those other things and other people that also have visions and projects that need to be attended to.

Sometime ago we rebuilt our back deck.  The CEO got together with my son and decided that what was needed on the deck to make it complete was a steel railing.  My ever creative son came up with a grand design.  Of course Kiotee Garage got pressed into service as the final production, assembly, paint and installation facility.

It looks great and will be solid and wonderful.  More importantly the CEO loves it.  This project is one small part of my recent slow progress on the real business of the garage.

With the railing in place the artist contemplates the installation requirements.

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