Monday, November 12, 2012

All the Major Bits and Pieces.

I don’t have tons of spares stacked in the garage so for the Overland I have been collecting the bits as I can.  And believe me it’s tough finding the right parts when you do what I’m doing up here the Big Sky Country.   Not complaining just mentioning why this build seems to drag on forever.

And of course the demands of job and other peoples project and needs divert my time and attention.  Not to mention the weather and having an unheated garage.  Not complaining or whining just stating some facts of my life.

So here is the inventory of big bits.  Of course I have the engine, Norton transmission and clutch, the front and rear hubs and wheels plus now I have the girder fork I wanted.

So in reality life is good in The Kiotee Garage.  This, of course, means the next step will be to set everything up and build a frame to house all of these bits and pieces.  I’m hoping for late spring to have something that looks like a rolling chassis.

                                          The results of the first snow storm.

                                          The girder fork and front wheel on the bench.

A friend in the UK, a builder of huge talent, traded me the girders for a springer fork I had that became spare when I got fixated on having a girder for the Overland.  The fork is straight and one of the simpler designs of girder.  No idea of the original manufacture but it could be an early Webb.  Of course that is really not too important.  It will need some refurbishment but that is the same with all the bits and pieces I’m using for this build. 

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  1. haha! I bought that Girder from a guy in Norway and traded it with said man, who in turn traded it with you - just another part of its story....from a former custodian to another...