Monday, October 31, 2011

To Mix Fuel and Air

I got my very own POSA FUEL carb today from, of all places, Greece.  More specifically the Isle of Crete.  This POSA was one of a group that was converted at the factory for use in light aircraft.  It has a fuel mixture valve and a rod operated air slide with no slide return spring.  It is a 32mm throat and has only had about 150 hours of run time total use.  I think I have the basis for a good fuel/air mixture device that is super simple.  With the bits of tuning information I have turned up from the light aircraft people this POSA should do everything I need.  It won’t be a quick fix and I will have a steep learning curve but the potential is there.  This should provide the means to make more precise tuning adjustments for varying conditions much quicker than with a conventional carb.

Just in case the term simple for a carburetor might seem to be overstated, here is the POSA Fuel completely disassembled.  Prior to having it in hand I had only read the patent and looked over the patent drawings.  It took all of five minutes to take it all apart.  There is one casket and two o-rings total for the whole carb.  Very pleased I was able to get one in such good condition and with mixture control.  This of course won’t be the last time I’ll be talking about the POSA, I can tell you!  Of course if this thing really drives me nuts I can always drop back and use the AMAL Mark II.  Nice to know I have a reserve.
The Works!

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