Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Bits to Massage

While waiting for the case to be repaired I have dug out some more of the bits I may use on the Privateer.  So going clock wise is the rear hub brake plate and the speed cutting as of now.  The bracket to hold the screen for the vents is close to being finished.  And the first bit, and not the last, of Birmabright to be used. 

Next up is the fuel filler I will be using.  It is from an aircraft and alloy.  The plan is that what ever shape the tank takes it will have a flat top and this filler will be frenched into the top so I can lay down on the tank for some aerodynamic speed effect.  Yeah right!  I do dream a bit.

Next two around are the remains of a Stromberg carb that was dead.  Forget the coffee cup, that’s not going on the Privateer.  The fuel bowl I’m going to morph into a tail light housing and the upper cover I’m thinking of turning that into the headlight.  Small and compact and maybe try a quick disconnect for both.

The final bit is a sealed on/off switch that will be used for the kill.  All of these bits are used, recycled and repurposed.  Before long I suppose I should be using the green buzz word someplace in here.  Nope don’t think so!  I’m not green, I'm just cheap.

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