Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great People Met Along the Way

It turns the guy I got the rim from is as much a gear head about two wheels as I am.  In the process of making the deal, paying money and doing the shipping thing I got to know Dennis Williams a bit.  Great gentleman and has some great rides.  He is also a flattrack racer from Tennessee.  And he also occasionally rebuilds a vintage cycle for resale.  This is the current bike for sale; a TT500.  Great looking bike and as a racer I’m sure Dennis has it running as good as it looks.  By the way, if anybody that happens to see this, is interested in buying a great bike, you can contact Dennis at regarding price and all the details

Being a racer his main bike is a Triumph twin.  This is the current racer.  Very nice looking bike I would say.  And I’m sure, just like the TT500, it goes as good as it looks.

Of course my not being brave enough to race, I would toss on minimal lights and ride the Trump on the street. Make it a Street Tracker.  That's just strange old me.  Oh and Montana being Montana the straight pipes would stay.  Were sort of laid back up here in the Big Sky Country about that sort of thing.

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