Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Bad and the Ugly

Most of what I have recorded so far is the good.   However there is the bad.  The case I have chosen to keep has been severely wounded in a racing mishap some years ago.   Seems the engine prep wasn’t as detailed as it could have been.  The bottom screw retaining the Pilgrim pup came adrift.  Of course the bottom screw holds the spring plunger valve against the timing drive end which is the oil passage for the make pin.  Connected to the main pin is the con rod.  The screw came a drift; the pump body pulled away from the timing case and oil stopped flowing to the main.  The piston rod and crank pin over heated and by mutual agreement decided to separate.  The pin kept the house and the rod left the premises through the front door.  What you see pictured is the aftermath of the marital separation.  The pieces are positioned where they belong but in reality there are foure seperate pieces.

While I’m sure saner people would have super clued this together and called it a shelf knickknack I couldn’t do that.  So I searched around and found a shop that gave me great confidence that it could be repaired and be useable for what it was designed for: a bit of speed!  The firm I found to do the job is Custom Machining in Dallas, Oregon.

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