Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Rim Found – One To Find

The wheels I source for the Overland came with pretty nice and straight steel DID rims.  However in my quest for weight reduction I have always planned on eventually changing the rims for some alloy.  Originally the thought was to stay with an older non-shouldered motocross type profile.  However the fates decided that was not the way to go.  While scanning the Vintage Falttrack,, for sale pages, I stumbled across a used rim.  It was in my price range and turned out to be available.  So I have a new/used alloy Borrani WM2 1.85X19 40 spoke rim for the front.  Which, now means now I have to find a second Borrani WM3 for the rear.  While I had not really desired to go with a true racing rim it probably is appropriate for the Overland Privateer.  Boranni rims have been on TT racers since the late 30s so they will be on my racer.  Just need to find that second rim for the rear wheel and life will be very good in my garage. 

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