Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All British Field Meet, Portland, Oregon

Over the Labor Day Weekend I took a road trip with four of my Land Rover buddies to the All British Field Meet in Portland, Oregon.  We did a bit of camping on the way.  Flew some kites on the beach and drank some beer.  The main reason I went this year was to try and sell my race engine and deliver my wounded case to a welder machinist for repair.  It turns out that Custom Machining of Dallas, Oregon is just 60 some miles south of Portland.  That made it very easy to run down and drop off the case and get a chance to face to face so to speak further build my confidence in the shop.  I have not gotten the case back yet but talking with the welder/machinist I think it will prove I chose wisely.

                                                      Chad of Custom Machining who
                                                      will be doing the welding and the

As for the Field Meet it was great.  I passed out my flyer for the engine and got some very good response for it being not really a motorcycle venue.  Plus I found a guy running a Copper L8 F3 racer of 1952 with a J.A.P. 4B coupled to a Norton Dolls head box.  I was so excited to talk with him about the engine.  Usually if I can even get a person to listen to me talk J.A.P. very quickly their eyes glaze and they take on the look of a deer in headlights.  Well Ed didn’t and in fact as fate would have it I may have spares he needs and he solved an oiling problem for me.



                                         Think Grace Kelly and Cary Grant


                                                       Gold Star

                                                       1960 MG A Twin Cam Racer


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