Monday, October 3, 2011

The Look of Alloy

In my own grand tradition of having more time than money, in addition to being profoundly cheap, anything alloy on the Overlander will be naked.  And of course the racers reasoning is that paint weighs too much.  I agree! 

Never have liked chrome or mirror polish on anything I own, so I will be trying for something a bit different.  The look of alloy I do like is a satin, burnished silver look.   It is reflective and has a clean look but you can’t clearly see much reflected in the surface.

The method I use to do this, after experimentation I can tell you,  is too start the finish with 220 grit aluminum/oxide paper with either a bit of oil or WD-40 fish oil for a lubricant.  After I get the surface fairly uniform then it gets rubbed down with 0000 steel wool.  After all that the final is using a polish compound that comes soaked in a fine wool type material.  The brand name is The Original Never-Dull Magic Wading Polish.  I didn’t name it, but it works great. 

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