Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gas/Air = Fuel Mixture and a bit of Interesting History

Along the way I have learned that most all designs for flat slide rod metering carbs produced in America, and there seem to be a few currently, come from a series of patents by one man.  The inventor is William H. Edmonston.  He has, by my count, 10 patents covering the flat slide, tapered rod design carb.  I’m not completely sure but from the patents it looks like the POSA and the Lake Injector came from his work.  Currently, as far as I can tell, the only carb being produced which cites one of his patents is the Lectron.
In researching the Lectron I ran across a few old references’ that suggested Mr. Edmonston had set up another company to try and produce a flat slide carb which would dramatically reduce emissions for two stroke snowmobile and water craft engines.  The firm was, or is named Atomized Fuel Technologies.   But I couldn’t locate any current information as to what type of carbs he is producing.  However I suspect it would be a variant of his existing patented flat slide, tapered rod carb.

                                                        Patent of William H. Edmonston

His first patent is Number 3,709,469 dated February 2, 1970.  The only patent ever assigned to a firm is patent number 3,985,839 and the firm is Lectron.  I am not an expert on how the U.S. Patent Office does things or what legal requirements they may have if the patent rights are sold or rights to production are granted.  So several of his patents could be currently in production and unless it's stated on the product or by the manufacture you may not know.  I suppose you could call around but at this point my curiosity regarding his designs is satisfied.  By the way if anybody is tempted to look in and wander about the patent archives; Warning, Don’t do it unless you have lots of time to spare.  It's endless and interesting, but easy to get lost in it like a maze.  I warned you!

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