Wednesday, November 2, 2011

IT’s Back in One Piece

Chad from Custom Machining,, called and informed me that my case has been repaired and is ready to be shipped.  First he joked me by saying he had bad news and that all that was left of my 1932 JAP magnesium cases was a puddle of molten metal.  Of course that was my fear when I first contemplated trying to repair the case.  But his quick laugh got my heart started again.  Chad says the structure and the case fit is perfect and ready to rebuilt into a race engine again. 
If you ever need any specialist welding and machining done you can’t go wrong with Chad and Custom Machining of Dallas, Oregon to do the work for you.  I should have the case on my bench by Turkey Day.  So pictures with circles and arrows and a description of each one on the back will have to wait.       

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