Sunday, November 13, 2011


There are many definitions of flow.  Flow of liquid is not the direction I want to go at this moment.  The flow I’m talking about is that which occurs as a result of a coming together of the intellectual, physical and mechanical.  Flow has been referred to by athletes, artist, mechanics, mountain bikers, and racers of all kinds.  Flow is that moment when things just happen and they happen in such a way as to produce an ultimate result.  They happen with no obvious effort on your part. Some people can experience it at will, others such as myself, wait patiently and hope.

I experienced flow today!  I have been cleaning my library and sorting things so I can have space for a drawing board.  I reasoned that since my cases where in-bound I better get ready to come up with a frame drawing to put them in.  I needed more light directly on the drawing board so I reasoned that my ancient Luxor lamp would be perfect.  But the clamp had gone missing and I had no base for it.

But I did have a spare JAP SV head and so I stuck the stud of the lamp in the spark plug hole; it fit loosely.  I then looked in a box of miscellaneous stuff destined for the garage and found a piece of copper pipe the right size for a slip fit to protect the threads of the plug hole.  In the same box was a tube cutter.  Shortly I had a perfect lamp base and no JAP parts were harmed.

That was my micro-flow experience and the type of flow I wish I could experience all the time; especially with my Privateer build.

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