Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Front Wheel of Destiny

Well at the very least it's the leading wheel in the pursuit of the Overlander.  One last thing needed doing before the hub and rim got laced into a wheel and that was to clean up the brake drum surface.  It did't look scored or scared from abuse but it was a bit rusty and just pretty ugly.  So I put it on the lathe and using a dowel and 220 grit aluminum oxide paper slowly but surely cleaned it up.  Of course since it was turning I had to take a few minutes to admire the holes spinning round.  I will admit my wheel truing stand is a bit crude.  However as long as you take time to square, level and proceed methodically even my crude set up can produce a good wheel.

The ugly and rusty brake drum surface.

Spinning and cool.


The laced and trued front wheel. 

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