Sunday, September 2, 2012


Foiled by my own lack of knowledge regarding rims and spoke angle drillings I had to rethink the rim plan.  I decided to go forward rather than frustrate myself with trying to find some useable and affordable Borrani rims.  I cleaned up the original factory steel chrome rim to get the wheel laced and trued.  Biggest reason is that if some cool rims turn up the wheels can always be taken down and re-laced to alloy rims.  In the meantime the wheels will be available to use for building the frame.

So once that decision was made; the choice was made to go ahead and be a bit holy with the drum brake and drill some air holes.  My cheap drill press was a bit unreliable as to true, tends to wobble of center when starting a hole.  Can’t replace the drill press or fix the wobble so the lathe will be pressed into service as a mill so I could accurately line up the holes between the cast strength ribs and also get the spacing measured out.

I have seen this done on the garage floor, by hand and it looked like it turned out ok.  But I don’t have an endless supply of these Honda hubs so for me I need a bit of insurance for accuracy.  Using a tool chuck mounted on the cross slide I found a square tube ¾ by ¾ that fit perfectly and then attached a flat plate to bolt the hub to.  With a chuck in the lathe, for the hole saw, I will be able to line up each hole exactly between the rim and the hub bearing flange and centered between the cast ribs.  Using the adjustment of the cross slide I should also be able to turn the hub a few degrees so that the hole saw will meet the surface of the hub metal squarely.  We shall see.

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