Sunday, September 2, 2012


In preparation for a road trip to Portland for the All British Field Meet I did some pre-trip inspections on fluids and brakes and such.  Plus I wanted to try and id and stop the gear box leak.  While doing all of this I found that the left front tie rod end was shot.  Then I found that the gaskets on the Selectro freewheel hubs had failed and let water get in the hubs.  Needless to say I didn't get to go to Portland this Labor Day.

So I took it all down and started hunting parts.  Folks in other lands may not have this trouble with parts for a Land Rover but I do.  Three weeks on now and I’m still waiting for tie rod ends out of Canada.  The rear hub seals came out of the south east someplace and now I realize, just as things are clean and going back together, that the swivel ball and related bush’s and such need some attention.

Well that will have to wait for more money and time, which means next spring.  But considering what KIOTEE has been through in her life the factory bits held up pretty good.  Oh yes the swivel balls have not been cracked since she left the factory in 1962.  Not bad performance I would say.

Trying to get her, at least capable of road work, because I want to drive down to Yellowstone and catch the Cannonball Vintage Motorcycle Rally. They are riding through the park this year.  Probably the only chance I will ever have to be this close to the rally route.

Everything clean and ready to go back together

So with all of the garage truck maintenance and problems with sorting and dealing with all kinds of life type issues I have finally got something to show that may look like progress.

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