Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back to Work

After being energized by seeing the Cannonball folks in Yellowstone I’m back to work on cleaning the rear hub.  It is most interesting the things you discover working with parts you have never seen before.

The Honda rear hub is interesting in how the engineers decided to put things together.  The cush bolts for the rear sprocket are not one piece as I expected.  Honda uses a sleeved rubber bushing pressed into the hub and the actual sprocket bolts are a slip fit into the sleeve.  Not even a pris fit.  To my surprise the sprocket and bolts are held to the hub by a large split ring on the outside of the sprocket.

So after having touched each and every nipple and spoke I’m close to having everything clean and spruced up for the wheel lacing.  Before I lace the hub to rim I have to go over the spokes and nipples one more time with some steel wool and Marvel Miracle oil.

                                          In the middle of cleaning.

                                        The sprocket bolts and the wrecked nuts with the 
                                        replacements.  I had to do a great deal of file work 
                                        to save the threads on the bolts.

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