Saturday, June 30, 2012

All Wheel Rims are not created equal!

                                         The rims of no equality!

My plan, too shave weight and add a cool factor to the Overland was to lace the Honda hubs to Boranni rims.  Partly because the shoulder alloy rim was pioneered by Rudge-Whitworth back in the early days of cycling and it would fit the TT racer look I am going for.

I scored a 40 hole rim which had some nice racing patina and was the right price.  I should have known when the price was right something was a miss.  Yep sure enough; after I cleaned up the rim and was ready to lace it to the hub is when everything went into the dumper.

Before I took the rim off the hub I had photographed, measured, diagramed and noted everything possible about the lace pattern.  With all that information I had no end of trouble trying to get it laced up so I could true the wheel.

Then I had one of those duh moments and realized that some rims are punched and drilled at odd angles because of the hub being used.  So I fished the protractor out of the drawer and with a spoke and nipple securely pushed home I measured the spoke angle.

Yep the Boranni barely measured 10 degrees and the stock steel DID Honda rim measured out to a 15 degree angle.  So the alloy rim had been punched and drilled for some sort of brake less cotton reel spool hub.  So at least I found out why I was having so much trouble.  So I cleaned up the small bit of rust on the factory rim and at least for now I will use the stock rims.  

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