Sunday, June 24, 2012

Priority Changes for Kiotee Garage

With the summer finally having arrived in the Big Sky Country of Montana changes in the work shop schedule have been required.  Plus some parts cock-ups have been identified which goes to the changes.

After fighting with lacing the front hub to the Boranni rim I found a mistake on the part of parts finder.  Well of course that would be me.  The spoke holes for the Boranni are at about 10 degrees and the Honda hub requires at least 15 degrees.  Whoops!  So for now I will be reusing the original DID steel rim.  After I clean off a bit of rust on the inside and seal it from more rust then it get laced back onto the original hub.

                                         JAP on the bench.

So rather than live dangerously with the current operator controls on the JAP 600SV I have decided to put her up on the bench and get working on the upgrades.  Hopefully before the Montana summer turns back into winter.

Primarily I will be going back to a right side foot shift.  The clutch will be moved onto the bars and the rear brake operated by foot on the left side.  This will require some fabrication and head scratching.  But the pay off will be fitting the CZ rear hub with the better brake and lighter overall weight as compared to the old BSA unit.  I can’t seem to get the weight of my fat ass so I will just take it off the bike.  Yes I'm ditching the side-shifter because I'm too old and too much of a chicken to keep it.

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