Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CASE SAVE: Just a regroup update

In the stash of JAP race parts were two complete engines.  However one had a small problem.  During a race the oil pump came a drift and stopped giving oil to the big end bearing.  So the con rod got pissed and decided to sever the relationship by exiting out the front of the case.

After the marital bliss breakup between the con rod and the crank pin.

I located a small shop in Oregon that specializes in magnesium repair.  They work on all types of racing parts and even big industrial type bits.  As luck would have it nobody ever tried to clue the case back together to make her into a display piece.  Which meant the the repair could be made.  It just would depend on the skill of the craftsman. Well it seems to have worked because this is how I got the case back from the welder.

                                         After the Oregon Magic

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