Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Bit of Progress.

I have gotten a bit side tracked with things around the homestead.  Helped my son move a fence and got invited to join a forum I had no idea existed.

After stumbling around in the forum for a bit it had become very clear I’m such and amateur compared to the people who have welcomed me to the club.  I am very humbled indeed to be included, even on the fringe, of such a gathering of skilled and creative builders, fabricators, painters, designers and just plain gifted people.  Well back to my efforts to create something.

I have gotten the CZ wheel spaced and lined up in the JAP SV frame.  And found I had forgotten the CZ was only an 18 inch when the BSA I was running was a 19 inch combination.  May have to make some adjusts to get back the ride height and such.  Oh well it’s a better hub and brake so it will all work out.

I got a shift lever made up and with a bit of clean up I can call it converted.  Bit of a Rickman Brothers tube thing going on with it.  But it’s made from recycled materials and the only clamp I had on hand to fit the BSA box so I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.  It fits my booted foot very well and since I’m the one who rides it that’s an important part of the modification.

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