Thursday, May 24, 2012

Something to Please the Eye and Fuel the Imagination

Both of these motorcycles have been around for a bit.  However they are well worth drooling over because of the quality of the build and they are both just plain cool.  I’m not usually a twin fan but I do make exceptions from time to time because you know gorgeous and beautiful are not exclusive to singles.
First up is the Vincent built from spares by the hand of Mr. Jeff Decker.  There has been much said back and forth about this bike.  All I can say is that it’s perfect and it gets ridden.  And more than likely it gets ridden hard and often.  I’m not sure Mr. Decker lets much dust collect on any of his bikes. 
Go here to see more;  You do have to spend some time wandering around his pages!
Next up is the Vincent built by Ian Barry also know as Falcon Motorcycles.  As with the Vincent from the hands of Mr. Decker, Mr. Barry has also built a perfect bike.  Go here to see the pages from Falcon;  Just like the Vincent from Utah the Vincent from California has had lots said about it also.
All photos are courtesy of Mr. Decker and Mr. Barry.  However if there are objections to my non-commercial use gentlemen please let me know and I will remove the images.

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