Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Is not fun when it’s imposed.  Yet when you contemplate a scratch build of any kind, tow or four wheeled, it should become your friend.  And patience is all about waiting.  You wait for better weather because you’re too cheap to put a better heat source in the garage.  After all that’s money that could be better used for parts.  Yes I admit it, not the best choice really.  You wait for trades and deals to be completed.  You wait for the right part to turn up which will allow you to finish a critical assembly.  You wait to sell a part for cash for that other part.  And it all goes on and on.  But I’m willing to admit that the bit of fiberglass on my arm has really soured my outlook about patience and waiting.

Probably because normally there is always something to do while you wait.   Clean parts; find the right nuts and bolts.  Polish bits just right and think about paint color.  It is all of those things that keep your mind off waiting so you don’t have to have patience which I can’t do.  But the end is in site and it’s not a light in the tunnel.  May 23 I get to have the cast removed.

                                        Just a wonderful studio photo of a racing JAP.

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