Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring in Montana!

Just two days ago we had snow on the ground and temperatures in the 30s and 20s.  The continued cold spells have been in-between warmer days and nights.  Each time we get a brief return of winter it melts away with the subsequent warmer air from the coast.

So everybody around here is thinking spring despite the sporadic snow and cold.  Seed plants are growing in the basement.  The grow boxes in the garden are all ready to go.  The non-motorcycle list of things to do is growing. 

After building a new deck last summer the good idea fairy appeared and my son thought it would be great if we put a hand built wrought iron railing on the deck.  Well as you might expect dad got conscripted as the gopher on the railing project.  Of course each and every bit of the railing has to be considered and evaluated before things get welded up.  Of course that takes time; time away from my projects.  In the big picture of things the CEO around here will be happy and son and dad will have gained favor to be spent at a later date.

Another of those things to do was to get the bicycle trailer finished and up and rolling on tires.  Completed the hitch today and now I have a bicycle trailer all ready to go and get groceries with.   It’s hard to see in the photo but everything but the hitch is recycled from a bike or other sources.  Even the wheels and tires are from old bike projects left in my garage by my ever considerate son.

In a positive way all of this gets some little ankle biters behind me so as the weather gets more stable I can get more things done for the Overland.

As my oldest daughter has said, “It’s all good Dad!”

                                         The grocery trailer ready to roll out!

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