Sunday, April 15, 2012

Enforced Timeout by Stupid!!!!

Spring in Montana is an odd mix of warm and clear days mixed with cool and wet days.  Seems this spring is going to be a mix of Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast weather patterns. No sooner did I get the grocery trailer finished and the weather changed.  And then the DIY projects got listed; none of which had to do with the Overland project.  But they had to get done.

                                         Spring in the Big Sky Country!

While working on the DIY list I was on the roof doing a small bit with the gutters.  One thing not planned but completed was a test of gravity in a very unscientific manner.  I fell of the roof and of course proved again that I can’t fly.  The pay off on this impromptu test was a broken wrist. 

Now you may think this was not so bad considering.  Well actually it really sucks.  Because the ortho doc is saying six weeks for the splint cast combination. But on the up side I’m in the middle of a trade/sale deal on some JAP spares which will take sometime to complete.  So a timeout isn’t too bad.  Well yes it does suck, it all sucks.  In all reality everything in the garage is shut down till the cast comes off.

In the big picture of things considering the distance over which I conducted my test and the obstacles I missed, it all could have caused much greater damage and things could have turned out much worse.  So all in all I think six weeks is not really too bad.  But it still sucks!

                                          The splint, a cast in two weeks.

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