Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rubber on the road or the big round bits for the Overland

                                          Right side of rear rim and hub

                                         Left side of rear rim and hub

Well I have recorded some of my thoughts about inspiration and a semi-vague reasoning behind doing this.  So I should introduce the other major bits to be used on this build.

The wheels I have chosen are from a Honda 450.  Not sure what model or what year.  However they are from the same cycle and are the wheels I have decided will work out.  The back is 18 by 3.50 and 40 hole full width hub.  It's currently laced on a steel DID rim with single butted spokes.  It is not the lightest rear hub and wheel out there but it met all of my conditions and was available locally, well 100 miles away and for Montana that is local, and cheap.  Parts for the Honda hubs are also still very available and it seems that some very good racing compounds are available for upgrading the shoes.

The front is basically the same but is 19 by 3.25.  It is a twin leading shoe brake drum.  That reportedly is very effective when set up carefully.  It also has a DID steel rim and single butted spokes.

I would have really like to have gone with 19 inch front and rear but that will have to wait until I start searching for replacement alloy rims.  I will try to find an alloy rim that has the same profile as the DID rims, only because I like the looks of that older style rim.

Now if some Akront shouldered 40 hole rims happen to drop in my lap I won’t toss them out.  When I start drawing up and prototyping the frame I am going to see if I can build the rear triangle just a hair bigger so I could go to a 19 in the rear if I find the alloy rims.

Also along the way I will be drilling and cutting holes in these hubs for a front air scoop and ventilation along with a similar treatment for the rear hub.  Is it necessary?  Absolutely not!  Will it take off a great deal of weight, which will make a large performance difference?  Absolutely not!  But it will make me feel like it’s enhancing performance and it will look COOL!  Yes there it is, an admission of style over substance. 

                                         Right side of front rim and hub

                                          Left side of front rim and hub

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