Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Engine

This is something like what the engine of the Overland will look like.  Classic J.A.P. OHV with a magnesium case and timing gear side cover with magneto stand. The barrel is ALFIN aluminum with a steel liner and big fins for cooling.  I will not be keeping the drive box for a chronometric tachometer.  In its place will probably be an auxiliary scavenge oil pump.  After all this is a racing engine and it is a total loss oil system.  I don’t think many people would appreciate oil from my race engine just dumping out on the road after it was used once through the engine.  There is still a performance question in my mind regarding the hair pin valve springs.  They do have a certain style and supposedly the size of the spring helps in cooling the engine.  Of course with an air cooled engine, keeping things cool is always good.  I have also read of problems with valve float using the hair pin.  I do have a set of double coil valve springs in the spares box just in case; along with  a complete set of proper valve covers for the springs and valve side rockers.

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