Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tool Time!

While my brain processes all the possible frame style options and choices it seemed reasonable to think of special tools for the garage.  So here are some additions to the tool box for Kiotee Garage.

First up since I sort of got side tracked by an inquiry regarding a possible spare magneto I realize that when it comes time to put some fire in the cylinder of the JAP it would be nice to know if the timing for the points in the mag would be to spec.  So I scored, with a Christmas gift card, an Aircraft Tools single cylinder magneto test light and buzz box.  In addition I also scored a nice 1 inch micrometer while pawn shop crawling with my son.

And as long as I was thinking of things for the engine I realized I needed a purpose built valve spring compressor to fit the JAP head.   With the help of my son I cut an 8 inch c-clamp in half and added a two inch bar.  Then ground and shaped one end to take a valve stem.  I also added two bits of oak tanned leather on both the valve stem side and the face so the valve won’t get scuffed or scared from installation.  Seems to work just fine.  Need to do a bit more clean up finishing but for now it will do.

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