Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Busy Learning Things

One of the major activities that go on in The Kiotee Garage is learning.  Learning things which I need to know to actually pull of this Overland Privateer project.  Primary among the skills required is learning the fine art of gas welding.  Yes I know that TIG/MIG is easier, faster and better.   But does doing that really make sense for somebody that is using an engine that was designed in the 1920s? 

So as a way to learn and not burn up good 4130 chromalloy tube I decided to learn to weld by building a bicycle trailer from recycled bike parts.  Yes I am a bicycle geek.  I do love two wheels of any sort motivated be any sort of power. 

While the Montana cold has prevented me from making a great deal of progress on anything directly related to the Overland; I have done some welding.  In my own demented way that is Overland progress.  It’s all little steps after all isn’t it?

I have successfully stuck together the first major parts of the trailer.  It is based on a design I borrowed from Rejuiced Bikes out of Portland, Oregon.  These guys are doing some amazing things with bikes and recycled bike parts.  If you have any interest in cool stuff that is human powered you have to go here;

                                         This is the design from RejuicedBikes I’m trying
                                         to build.  I also borrowed this photo.  If you guys
                                         at Rejuiced object let me know and I will pull it
                                         and apologize to the whole world for being a jerk. 

From RejuicedBikes about page.

Rejuiced Bikes is about recycling unwanted bicycle parts that would otherwise be melted down. Everyday a new concept reveals itself and allows us to see the potential of bicycles. The work featured on this website is by Johnnie Olivan(Artist/Co-Founder/Website Editor). If you wish to try out a product or require a custom design, we will be glad to meet with you. If you do not live in the area we will do our best to accommodate your request. See you Soon!!!

This is not from Rejuiced. 

This is what I have so far.  No I won’t show a close-up of my welds.  They are the ugliest welds in the history of the world.  More like gluing than real welding.  But I’m learning lots each time I strike the torch.  The bits do seem to stay together.  We shall see.

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